Am Doctor Bashir Musa who uses all kinds of traditional powers to cast any white magic spells online to all kinds of problems you may be facing? Many people do not differentiate between black and white magic spells online and how both spells work. When you have been sent with a black magic spell, there are many ways you can define black magic spells from white magic spells online. When cast on a person, black magic spells will bring negative effects only, and in most cases black magic spell have negative effects on you yet white magic spell online in most cases is cast on someone to do positive effect. White magic spells online give positive results to the person you love to receive white magic spell online so that he/she does well in everything you need. For example, you can send a white magic spell to your lover to stop cheating on you!!, Also, you can send the same white magic spells to your child during exams like national examination papers so this white magic spell will help him/her to do well in all papers making the best and excellent results in his/her life. Also, you can send this white magic to someone at his/her business to make more profits once he/she opens up the business. And all kinds of good things you can wish to send to your loved one, White magic spell will do good to that person such that he/she gets a good and excellent result that is white magic. 

Black Magic Spell Attack

When someone is attacked with black magic spells, he or she may start getting nightmares during night hours., dreaming about dead people who were close to him/her. That can be one of the symptoms of a black magic spell attack on your life or you can start getting body weakness, headaches, and sickness during working hours and you will not again find any happiness like you were at first. That means that you have been sent by a black magic spell attack to hurt your life, in most cases this spell is sent to a person to leave discombobulating towards his/her life, that is the work of black magic spells towards your life. All types of attacks are designed to confuse you before you die and cause fear in anything you think of so that you become weak all over your body and in the brain. So that it affects your life. These black magic attacks can also Bring physical effects, but that bad energy that is sent to you can be solved by Dr. Bashir Musa because there are several ways we can control and break all kinds of evil spirits. So that you get positive and excellent results back to your life, NOTE; all will be returned to that person who wished you evil in your life

How to Break Black Magic Spells

When you need to break black magic spells, you also need to get a serious traditional Doctor with experience in breaking up all kinds of black magic attacks to get the better results you need to get. all that was sent to you cannot do you any harm to your life and your relationship, There are several methods we can break all-black spells that were cast to you, for example, we can use a Voodoo spell so that all that was sent to you can be fixed inside voodoo dolls. so that you also get what you were looking for, or we can use Muthi spells so that all that was cast to you can be sent back to that person who wanted to kill you using this spell, now you can choose one of those methods which will be simple for you to use so that all can be solved. I Dr. Bashir Musa will fight hand to hand with the help of all powers that were given to me by my ancestors to break all kinds of black magic spell attacks so that you will find happiness, Notes; When you apply for this spell no negative effect or any side effect which will come towards your life, so this is the time for you to clean all kinds of black magic attacks which were sent to you

White magic marriage spells to make your lover marry you.

White spells are used when you need to get married to someone you feel like loving in your life because, at a certain stage, you need someone, It is not you personally but inside you, You may be with strong feelings that are forcing you to get someone in your life, that is what we call love. Now is the best time for you to get your lover so that you be/you get married with the help of white magic marriage spells this is applied to you when you are serious and ready to get into a relationship with your lover, that is the good time this love portion is sent to your lover so he/she feels you in his minds than this white magic spell for marriage will take part towards both of you. That is the time you will be loved so much and he/she will request you a marriage ring so that you get married at that point. The first thing you will need is white magic spells which will make your lover marry you as you wish to, This portion will make your relationship successful, and this white magic spell will make him/her make you the official wife or husband, eventually, this white spell will make him/her marry you in all kind of satiation you will be in, now this is the hour you must not take this spell for granted, white magic spell for marriage has all magical powers to make your lover dream about marrying you, the first respect is given to a married woman or man for the huge step in life. Note When you are not prepared don't come for this spell because this spell will give you an amazing contraceptive you will be able to get what you're wishing for in your life. White magic will fulfill all promises you will make on the day of the wedding party fixing and ensuring happiness in your marriage and making your marriage long-lasting, You will not find any difficulties in your marriage, and you will be able to make children and live a happy marriage, contact Dr. Bashir Musa for marriage white spells don't let fake healers use you, please get this in your mind when you use this spell you will not get any side effect over it.

Black revenge spell

What are revenge spells ?" The simple way one can get to understand it easily is like payback when a person did harm or injustice to you. Individual action which was made to you so that to end your life, that we can get to know the meaning of black revenge spells easily, many people get this problem in relationship or love, when your lover or your ex-partner did injustice to you in your relationship or your love, this mostly happens when you have been working for a long period thinking that you will be together and make money also raise your children but for him/her changes the mind to live you after wasting your time and future. When you make this revenge spell back to him or her one can't get you loved alone!! You do a black revenge spell against him/her by hurting him/her in love so that you also hurt him or her more than what he/she did to your life. When you use this black revenge spell it will do what you wish for, so that also you find justice in your heart, no matter how long it has passed this spell will make what you wish for to that person, no matter how far is that person moved far away from you this black revenge spell will make a negative effect towards him/her. This spell will be companioned by your feeling of unfairness towards his/her life This will work even more than how you felt when he/she hurt you at that time, now when you need this spell to clean all that is inside the bottom of your heart so that you be free. Note this please, this black spell will not have any side effect on you it will only hurt that person who did injustice to you.

For how long does the black Revenge spell make a change to that person

The question is for how long can this spell make a negative change to that person who harmed your life? Yes, this spell will make a change as soon as you need it. But the big problem is that many people have unfinished jobs or work, from other fake healers because most of the people just move on the internet getting fake traditional healer who can't do any psychic reading, This has made many people think that this spell take long, what you must get into your mind is that when you apply for this spell it takes 2-7 days the maximum day is 7DAYS but to get all that you must get an experienced traditional healer so that this black spell can go to that person you need to conceive. So that you find justice in your life. Dr. Bashir Musa, I will be able to make any spell on what you wish for that person who harmed your life or relationship.                  

White magic which repairs broken hearts

When your heart is broken in most cases you should find companionship with someone so that your heart feels justified inside you, this white magic that repairs broken hearts is applied when your lover cheats on you, has no feelings towards you, does not trust your love, when your lover he/she doesn't give you money and care!! This spell will be used to clean all evil spirits that are coming across your relationship so that you move in a positive direction in life. In your possibility, you need to discover something inside your heart that you are special in this world so you should make a positive step at a time focusing on your future so that you make it favorable in your heart. In any circumstance you will be in this white spell will make a change inside your lover's mind so that he/she gets feelings today's you. This spell will open up your opportunities to build yourself up and increase your strength of you, in such a way that you actually must take the first step into your heart so that you increase your feelings empowered by what you've been through! Note this white spell will not only make you find yourself moving positively but it will take you to find yourself moving in a positive direction in your life. 
Magic Spells for A lost Lover
Have you lost a boyfriend or girlfriend in life, if so, you may relate this to losing your parents. In a relationship few things cause many partners to separate, which leads to more stress, and headaches. However, many people have used many healers in this universe but not have had any good results from the weak and fake healers over Social Media, many people have a question in their minds there are true Doctors or healers in this world, however, answers of all questions are considered in this issues, yes the true healers are still there, but many people get bad luck to meet a wrong or a fake healer who doesn’t have powers to heal and cast love spells to any kind of love issues you many been having, however many people have been looking for this chance of work or finding a true magic spells caster who will cast love spells to any kind of love problems in life. Doctor Bashir Musa is one of the few magic spell casters who will bring good results in a short time, Now feel free to call or WhatsApp me so that you can be helped